Case Study – Vodafone

The Brief

Vodafone wanted a bigger slice of the Pay As You Go market and decided that pre-pay SIM cards were the way forward.
They felt m4 design could make their goal a reality through organic SEO on their dedicated pre-pay SIM card sub-domain:

I was to spearhead the project accompanied by my trusty team of SEO geniuses.

Keyword Research

I chose to focus the campaign on a small of number high-volume core search terms. These keywords were selected based on their relevance to the product as well as their great potential for ROI.

The data shown on the right is exact match UK only search volume.


Uniquely, Vodafone gave us free reign to edit their website template thus meaning I could prescribe a really thorough on-page and technical changes.

The changes I set out included were approved by Vodafone and eventually implemented 100%. They went live on two separate dates. The first date phase was on the first of July 2012 and the second was at the beginning of October 2012.


You can see in the report from Rank Tracker (on the left) the shift in rankings which correlates to each of the dates.
The first set of changes going live resulted Vodafone’s micro-site starting to rank in the top 20 results for the targeted search terms where previously it didn’t. The second date, which was a smaller on-page update, consolidated the rankings for all of the key words firmly onto the first page of Google.


The data provided by Vodafone (on the right) shows the dramatic increase in orders in July which was the month that the on-page optimisation went live.
The figures shown reflect the online orders, exclusively from organic search on a last touch basis.

The Off-page optimization was completed February/March 2013. Much to the satisfaction of Vodafone, the result was that we achieved our top rankings for each of the high volume keywords that we targeted.

The rankings fluctuate within SERPs positions 1, 2, and 3.

Results that Last

Over one year later (in April 2014), having received no further SEO work, the rankings have maintained their positions with no sign of deterioration.